All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play

By Esther Entin, M.D.

What are your memories of playing as a child? Some of us will remember hide and seek, house, tag,and red rover red rover. Others may recall arguing about rules in kick ball or stick ball or taking turns at jump rope, or creating imaginary worlds with our dolls, building forts, putting on plays, or dressing-up. From long summer days to a few precious after school hours, kid-organized play may have filled much of your free time. But what about your children? Are their opportunities for play the same as yours were? Most likely not.

Play time is in short supply for children these days and the lifelong consequences for developing children can be more serious than many people realize.

The Decline of Play

An article in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Play details not only how much children's play time has declined, but how this lack of play affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention and self control.

Read the full article here.

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